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It’s never been easier to engage, so if people don’t…

… then we’re all going to hell in a hand cart. Probably. A bit. Sounds a bit alarmist I know, but here’s my take on this. In the past, I’ve been fairly lackadaisical about politics. I thought I had left-wing leanings when I was younger but then who doesn’t/didn’t? At least I wasn’t a hippy […]

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Humans do it better – but do they scale?

Today, two seemingly unrelated but actually very similar discoveries: socialmention is offering sentiment analysis among other metrics; and SpinVox uses people to transcribe messages. Humans as machines First, the second. SpinVox.They offer voice-to-text conversion which is something of a holy grail for computing, and given my past interest in AI, I found the proposition fascinating. […]

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Aaaaaargh! Sometimes, it’s just PR Fail.

I have a journalist friend who is hopping mad because PR people have forgotten the basics. When I first got into social media, it was through PR. In fact, being fairly new to PR at the time, I used social media to help me learn more about it. I found my blog really useful in […]

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Just to blow my own trumpet a little, I found out today that a project I was heavily involved with while at Fleishman-Hillard has won a Flight Global Webbie award. The prize-winning site is called, which is an initiative of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG). It seeks to redress the balance in the […]

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Google’s new search will be the best of both worlds

Google has released a video showing a Digg-like interface to its search. I think it’s going to change everything. A casual glance at Friendfeed picked up a link from Chris Brogan: entitled ‘Is this the future of search?’ Given that I’m currently scratching my head a lot and figuring out how best to pull together […]

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