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Turn an Email Address into a Social Profile. / Flowtown

via I just came across this. At first I was cynical – I usually am when presented with ‘the new thing’ because most new things are derivatives of old things – but this is a genuinely good idea. It takes your email contacts list (think marketing lists, outreach lists, sales leads etc) and tells […]

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Kurrently searches Facebook news feed

via This is pretty cool – a search engine that looks through the Facebook news feed. That’s about as real-time as it gets. Plus, it qualifies on two other counts: it has a parse-friendly URL (that is, you can pass keywords to it in the address); and it creates an RSS feed of the […]

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To craunch a marmoset, frothy vomit, and other curiosities

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes So I was going through Epoch PR‘s numbers (I’m their digital associate and am helping them with their online strategy), and this came up: To quote the bit that my Epoch PR search must have picked up: “it takes a straws of in good time always and hard hopped […]

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The UK Election Social Media Dashboard: What I learned

Estimated reading time: 1.5 minutes So the dust is still settling – hasn’t actually settled yet because we have a hung parliament so all the politicians will be running around with their knees bent, flapping their arms and clucking and pecking at each other relentlessly until one of them, with a gigantic squawk, lays a […]

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Everything does something, but nothing does everything

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to monitor, capture, measure and report. The good news is that there are ways of doing all of these. The bad news? None of them do it all. Here’s the current state of play: Google Reader is really good for monitoring and going back through old posts, […]

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Five cool ways to find people on Twitter

This post is probably going to get lost in the Twitter noise – and, judging by my declining stats, hardly anyone reads this blog anyway – but I still find it useful to share knowledge occasionally, not least because every day I don’t post I suffer guilt. I’ve recently been looking around Twitter a lot, […]

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Who are: @frosty_snow, @geoff_bronson, @gavin_henderson, @peter_bently?

This morning I took a quick look at what people were saying on the UK Election Social Media Dashboard. I noticed a few spikes on Twitter for George Osborne. This was strange. Osborne hasn’t figured particularly highly so far, and when he has, it’s been associated with spikes for his contemporaries Darling and Cable. So […]

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It’s never been easier to engage, so if people don’t…

… then we’re all going to hell in a hand cart. Probably. A bit. Sounds a bit alarmist I know, but here’s my take on this. In the past, I’ve been fairly lackadaisical about politics. I thought I had left-wing leanings when I was younger but then who doesn’t/didn’t? At least I wasn’t a hippy […]

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The UK Election Headline Game: what do you think it’ll be tomorrow then?

The other day I was going through the UK Election Social Media Dashboard and suddenly noticed, in large letters, the word ‘nauseating’ next to Vince Cable’s tweet cloud. It’s not every day you see a politician using a four-syllable adjective so I clicked and found out, well, you probably know by now, that he considers […]

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