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Brendan Cooper is a social media consultant and copywriter who has helped clients win business and awards for over 15 years.

Aggregated predictions: what really will happen with social media in 2011

Around Christmas-time I was foolish enough to list my social media predictions. They were a combination of ‘more of this, less of that, same of the other’, and you can still read it if you’re foolish enough to base an entire year that hasn’t happened on the ramblings of one poor gangrel creature. Fortunately I […]

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Twinfluence – Twitter Influence Analyzer

twInfluence is a simple tool for measuring the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus. We know that “A-List” Twitterers like Scoble, LeoLaporte, and BarackObama have a lot of influence on Twitter, because they have tens of thousands of followers. However, social network analysis teaches […]

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Key strategies for using Twitter effectively in recruitment

Interesting one, this. I’ve been looking at recruitment strategies and it does seem like Twitter has something to offer, believe it or not. This one’s from here:

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The Science of ReTweets

via Retweets is often overlooked as a measure of influence. When someone retweets you, it’s because they found what you said interesting enough to forward it to their followers. They’re endorsing you as an influential person. So, count the retweets, and you get a measure of influence. Although I try my hardest not to […]

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What are people saying about… Eurostar?

Eurostar is to rail travel what Terminal 5 was to air travel. While Terminal 5 was slowly falling apart, I had the opportunity to put together my first ever monitoring dashboard for people who wanted to track what was going on. Since then I’ve played around a-plenty with dashboards and monitoring systems, so while I […]

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New Google Twitter search is good but not great

When I heard via Shel Holz that Google is now indexing Twitter updates I got a bit excited for three reasons: 1. Were they going to show the total number of mentions? If so, we could count them as a crude index of popularity. Do a search for a term on Google and it gives […]

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Will one tweet ever change the world?

Sometimes, you know you’re seeing history in the making in a few video frames. Recently, there’s been a bit too much of it happening. I watched in awe as the US Senate refused Bush his bailout money – the split-screen showed the politicians’ verdict and the resultant stock market crash like a horrendous parody of […]

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Would you sack someone if they accidentally got your Twitter account suspended?

I’ve just received an email from a distraught colleague who’s been sacked for getting her agency’s Twitter account suspended. She reached the 2000 limit of the number of people she was following, so started unfollowing some people and following others instead. Twitter treated this as suspicious activity and suspended the account. And apparently her bosses […]

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Humans do it better – but do they scale?

Today, two seemingly unrelated but actually very similar discoveries: socialmention is offering sentiment analysis among other metrics; and SpinVox uses people to transcribe messages. Humans as machines First, the second. SpinVox.They offer voice-to-text conversion which is something of a holy grail for computing, and given my past interest in AI, I found the proposition fascinating. […]

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