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Brendan Cooper is a social media consultant and copywriter who has helped clients win business and awards for over 15 years.

Aggregated predictions: what really will happen with social media in 2011

Around Christmas-time I was foolish enough to list my social media predictions. They were a combination of ‘more of this, less of that, same of the other’, and you can still read it if you’re foolish enough to base an entire year that hasn’t happened on the ramblings of one poor gangrel creature. Fortunately I […]

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Goodbye Delicious, hello… what?

So the news is out. Yahoo have screwed up. They’re closing Delicious. I don’t even need to include a link here – just go out and look for mentions of it right now and you’ll see the news. This is A Big Thing. It throws up all sorts of substantial issues, not least among which […]

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Twitter influence: who do you believe?

Two people walk into a room. They both claim to have the definitive ranking for Twitter influencers for your area of interest. One uses Klout, the other, WeFollow. And guess what? Their results differ, in some cases quite wildly. Which do you believe? Let’s multiply the problem. Imagine you’re dealing not just with two people […]

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Social media? I wouldn’t bother.

In the 18 months since I went freelance, I’ve spoken to a lot of people and worked with quite a few different companies, including a fair number of PR agencies. And what have I learned? That the state of social media is pretty much exactly as it was when I first became a social media […]

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Brad Little looks at the value of social media | Social Collective

All too often businesses are attending conferences like this and come away thinking they need to ‘do’ social media. Which to them means a Facebook page or Twitter profile. 6 months down the line they normally start asking where the ROI is. This is when they come to Brad and ask him to ‘measure’ social […]

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Twinfluence – Twitter Influence Analyzer

twInfluence is a simple tool for measuring the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus. We know that “A-List” Twitterers like Scoble, LeoLaporte, and BarackObama have a lot of influence on Twitter, because they have tens of thousands of followers. However, social network analysis teaches […]

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Twithority Search

Twithority most recent top rank Recent Results (top 10000 users): social media JayOatway: How Intel Connects With Consumers Using Social Media - 1640 · Followers 94791 • about 2 hours ago Reply · View jeffreypjacobs: RT @scottgould: A post from @0nelife asking where does Social Media fit into your business? 6169 · Followers 31773 […]

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The Science of ReTweets

via Retweets is often overlooked as a measure of influence. When someone retweets you, it’s because they found what you said interesting enough to forward it to their followers. They’re endorsing you as an influential person. So, count the retweets, and you get a measure of influence. Although I try my hardest not to […]

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Everything does something, but nothing does everything

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to monitor, capture, measure and report. The good news is that there are ways of doing all of these. The bad news? None of them do it all. Here’s the current state of play: Google Reader is really good for monitoring and going back through old posts, […]

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