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On Monday, I start as Editor-in-Chief at Adfonic Global Mobile Advertising

Yep. I decided I needed to work with people on a permanent basis again, and wanted a gig that combined social media, copwriting, and the chance to work in an interesting, online environment for a company that was going places. And I got it! It’s been an, ummm, interesting three years plying my trade as […]

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The old web is dying and I’m not sure I like the new one

BlogPulse has no pulse So I was playing around with dashboards and the like yesterday  – as one does – and noticed that BlogPulse has disappeared. BlogPulse was not the greatest blog search engine around, but it was the only one offering anything like useable charts. So, given that Technorati charts disappeared years ago (although […]

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Thin client? What thin client?

I just spent five minutes waiting for my laptop to boot up. It’s a fairly standard spec, running the dog’s breakfast that is Vista, but still, it shouldn’t take that long. In a world of cloud computing, could we be looking ahead to instant start-up as clients get thinner? I doubt it. I’ve documented my […]

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What’s the sum total of all the computing power in the world?

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes OK, so it’s the kind of question a child would ask, but I do have a child’s mind, especially on a Friday. Actually I should have posted about this yesterday because, according to my new blog schedule Thursday is tech day, but I forgot. Actually, that’s a lie. I was […]

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Just how fast does a PC need to be?

Estimated reading time: 2.5 minutes (plus 4:13 if you watch the video all the way through) In an effort to get myself back into blogging habits, and to make sure I’m up to date with everything I need to be up to date with, I’ve decided to set myself a schedule. So, today is tech […]

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Five cool ways to find people on Twitter

This post is probably going to get lost in the Twitter noise – and, judging by my declining stats, hardly anyone reads this blog anyway – but I still find it useful to share knowledge occasionally, not least because every day I don’t post I suffer guilt. I’ve recently been looking around Twitter a lot, […]

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New Google Twitter search is good but not great

When I heard via Shel Holz that Google is now indexing Twitter updates I got a bit excited for three reasons: 1. Were they going to show the total number of mentions? If so, we could count them as a crude index of popularity. Do a search for a term on Google and it gives […]

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If it’s easy, it’s probably wrong

Owing to a bit of downtime – clients disappearing instead of continuing projects, yes I agree, it’s very rude isn’t it – I’ve been fighting with Yahoo Pipes and Netvibes to try and get some sort of effective monitoring solution together. In theory it’s pretty simple. Yahoo Pipes lets you do all sorts of fancy […]

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Epoch’s Hothouse is hot!

I’m the digital associate at Epoch PR, until recently CMP Communications. It’s going great so far – we’ve won business together and they’re a lovely bunch of people with some brilliant ideas. But I didn’t realise how brilliant until I attended one of their Hothouse lunches recently. Hothouse is the name they give to their […]

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