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Who are: @frosty_snow, @geoff_bronson, @gavin_henderson, @peter_bently?

This morning I took a quick look at what people were saying on the UK Election Social Media Dashboard. I noticed a few spikes on Twitter for George Osborne. This was strange. Osborne hasn’t figured particularly highly so far, and when he has, it’s been associated with spikes for his contemporaries Darling and Cable. So […]

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It’s never been easier to engage, so if people don’t…

… then we’re all going to hell in a hand cart. Probably. A bit. Sounds a bit alarmist I know, but here’s my take on this. In the past, I’ve been fairly lackadaisical about politics. I thought I had left-wing leanings when I was younger but then who doesn’t/didn’t? At least I wasn’t a hippy […]

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Journeys in monitoring and measurement

Over the past few weeks – months, even – I’ve been looking into ways to monitor what’s being said ‘out there’, and then measure it in a meaningful way. My conclusion? There are plenty of tools out there that can almost do the job, but most of them fail in some significant way. Yahoo Pipes […]

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Can the cloud protect us?

I just received an email from a friend of mine who’s lost all his iPhone data. That’s over 2,000 contacts he’s built up over the past few years in PR. To say it’s a disaster is an understatement. But I guess it’s a lesson to us all: data has no value unless it’s backed up. […]

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What are people saying about… Bono?

Last week I looked at how Eurostar were faring, by putting together a dashboard in Netvibes which is powered by my social media search engine in the background. The results were interesting: we could see how the anger spread quickly through social media channels – and now, you can see how it’s waned quickly. No […]

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What are people saying about… Eurostar?

Eurostar is to rail travel what Terminal 5 was to air travel. While Terminal 5 was slowly falling apart, I had the opportunity to put together my first ever monitoring dashboard for people who wanted to track what was going on. Since then I’ve played around a-plenty with dashboards and monitoring systems, so while I […]

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Dear Yahoo Pipes…

… it’s so hard writing this blog post I don’t know where to begin. So I’ll begin at the beginning. When we first met I didn’t think you were anything special. You had a nice interface and cute little modules, but I wasn’t bowled over, I must admit. No. It took a while, but then […]

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If it’s easy, it’s probably wrong

Owing to a bit of downtime – clients disappearing instead of continuing projects, yes I agree, it’s very rude isn’t it – I’ve been fighting with Yahoo Pipes and Netvibes to try and get some sort of effective monitoring solution together. In theory it’s pretty simple. Yahoo Pipes lets you do all sorts of fancy […]

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Epoch’s Hothouse is hot!

I’m the digital associate at Epoch PR, until recently CMP Communications. It’s going great so far – we’ve won business together and they’re a lovely bunch of people with some brilliant ideas. But I didn’t realise how brilliant until I attended one of their Hothouse lunches recently. Hothouse is the name they give to their […]

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