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Business Blog: separate domain or on your website @ Better Business Blogging

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to setting up a business blog, and certainly one which I have been asked on a number of occasions recently, is whether it is better to have a blog as part of your website or to set it up as a separate site on its […]

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What are people saying about… the iPad, iPhone and iPod?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past week, you’ll know all about the iPad, Apple’s new wunderkit – what it has, what it has not, what it’s for, what it’s not for, and so on. Fortunately, the term ‘iPad’ is very quick and easy to search for. So, it’s a doddle to […]

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What are people saying about… Eurostar?

Eurostar is to rail travel what Terminal 5 was to air travel. While Terminal 5 was slowly falling apart, I had the opportunity to put together my first ever monitoring dashboard for people who wanted to track what was going on. Since then I’ve played around a-plenty with dashboards and monitoring systems, so while I […]

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Dear Yahoo Pipes…

… it’s so hard writing this blog post I don’t know where to begin. So I’ll begin at the beginning. When we first met I didn’t think you were anything special. You had a nice interface and cute little modules, but I wasn’t bowled over, I must admit. No. It took a while, but then […]

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Good grief, I’m one of the smartest people in social media!

This is according to Smarter Social Media. They’ve been through lots of people and apparently I’m one of the top 100. I find this astonishing, particularly as I’ve pretty much stopped blogging recently. As is often the case, they’ve been a bit coy about their criteria. Is it bean-counting? Is it ubiquity? Or do they […]

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Will I ever be able to update the PR Friendly Index again?

The PR Friendly Index has been good to me. I initially compiled it as an ongoing experiment to see how I could ‘measure’ blogs, especially en masse, especially using forms of automation that would make it as easy as possible. The ultimate goal was something along the lines of the Power150, except I had visions […]

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Well done badgerman!

A friend of mine has received recognition for his wildlife blog, Tales from The Wood – The Diary of a Badger Watching Man. It’s well deserved. The blog is very well written, giving unique and fresh insights into aspects of wildlife from a first-person perspective. ‘Badgerman’ – for that is his suitably anonymous online moniker […]

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The PR Friendly Index is no longer about PR. Is PR even about PR any more?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the PR Friendly Index recently. Given that I’m not working in social media exclusively any more, it’s a pain in the arse to maintain and other indexes do this better (and keep getting better too), I’ve been thinking of scrapping it. However, before doing so, I thought […]

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Praise be, my subscriptions have fallen

Running a blog about social media and PR is a piece of pie. Just start it up and make the right noises, eventually you wind up with several hundred subscribers. Same with Twitter. What is everyone talking about on Twitter? Mostly social media, it seems to me. So it’s with a sense of satisfaction that […]

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