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Brendan Cooper is a social media consultant and copywriter who has helped clients win business and awards for over 15 years.

Aggregated predictions: what really will happen with social media in 2011

Around Christmas-time I was foolish enough to list my social media predictions. They were a combination of ‘more of this, less of that, same of the other’, and you can still read it if you’re foolish enough to base an entire year that hasn’t happened on the ramblings of one poor gangrel creature. Fortunately I […]

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Everyone needs to get out more

Estimated reading time: 2.5 minutes So today is Wednesday which means I write about… hang on, let me look it up… tum te tum te tum… ah yes, here it is. Social media! Right. Over the past month, in the UK, we’ve been subjected to the constant advances of politicians throughout the election. Thankfully it’s […]

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Good grief, I’m one of the smartest people in social media!

This is according to Smarter Social Media. They’ve been through lots of people and apparently I’m one of the top 100. I find this astonishing, particularly as I’ve pretty much stopped blogging recently. As is often the case, they’ve been a bit coy about their criteria. Is it bean-counting? Is it ubiquity? Or do they […]

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Well done badgerman!

A friend of mine has received recognition for his wildlife blog, Tales from The Wood – The Diary of a Badger Watching Man. It’s well deserved. The blog is very well written, giving unique and fresh insights into aspects of wildlife from a first-person perspective. ‘Badgerman’ – for that is his suitably anonymous online moniker […]

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The PR Friendly Index is no longer about PR. Is PR even about PR any more?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the PR Friendly Index recently. Given that I’m not working in social media exclusively any more, it’s a pain in the arse to maintain and other indexes do this better (and keep getting better too), I’ve been thinking of scrapping it. However, before doing so, I thought […]

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MIPAA presentation part two: monitoring and engaging in social media

This is the second part of a talk I was due to give to members of the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association (MIPAA) through an invite from Heather Yaxley, on improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for marcoms materials; monitoring and engaging in social media; and the challenges and opportunities of evaluating influence. Unfortunately I wasn’t […]

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Virgin Media is about to activate its social media

If you want to know what people are saying about you, you must listen. Parts of Virgin Media are already doing this, and the company plans to do more of the same. The bad… The backstory: given that I’d been trying for two months to get broadband since my house move, I  recently posted a […]

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The Flackenhacks: darn it, I didn’t win.

So, this is the first blog post about the Flackenhacks 2008. I would love to have won the ‘Wank 2.0: User-generated twat’ award but sadly had to give way to Richard Bailey who wasn’t present to collect his. I had my speech ready and everything (can’t repeat it here – remember what happened to Russell […]

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Hello Communications Director!

About a month ago I was contacted for some details about this blog because it might feature in Communications Director. And today – it’s in! Thanks to an eagle-eyed client spotting it this morning and scanning it for me. I don’t think you can access it online but if anyone can point me in the […]

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