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The old web is dying and I’m not sure I like the new one

BlogPulse has no pulse So I was playing around with dashboards and the like yesterday  – as one does – and noticed that BlogPulse has disappeared. BlogPulse was not the greatest blog search engine around, but it was the only one offering anything like useable charts. So, given that Technorati charts disappeared years ago (although […]

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I get this a lot…

No valuable insights or deep analysis today. Just a cartoon that someone sent me. I can see that I’m going to use the phrase “I can’t get past the ridiculousness of it all” quite often from now on…

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Me, Friends Reunited, and Radio 4

So out of the blue I got a call from BBC Radio 4 to go in and talk about the recent relaunch of Friends Reunited on the You and Yours programme. “Friends Reunited has relaunched?” thought I. Fortunately I managed to pull enough from my dusty memory banks sufficiently quickly to convince the assistant producer […]

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