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Brendan Cooper is a digital and social media strategist who helps clients win business, win awards and talk to people through digital and social media strategy. He has been helping people to communicate, online and offline, for over fifteen years.

2012 social media predictions: Part One

No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to list over two thousand predictions for social media. If I did, however, I would be almost certain to get some of it right. Instead, I’m going to list my predictions for the year ahead. Which means I’ll probably get most of it wrong. However, just to lend some […]

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Brendan Cooper is a social media consultant and copywriter who has helped clients win business and awards for over 15 years.

Which are the most important social media metrics? (Hint: they’re nothing to do with social media)

I could write a book on this one. But there’s little point because a) I don’t have time to write a book, and b) other people have already written them. So, I’ll be brief, not least because this is a blog post and not a book: the most important social media metrics are nothing to […]

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