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I was Google’s 59th employee and first marketing director. Ask me anything.

Larry and Sergey really believe they can transform the world with technology that makes things work better, beginning with a better way to find information when you need it. That information is not restricted to text found on web pages. I believe they won’t be satisfied until everyone has a brain implant that augments their […]

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Avoid The 70% Failure Rate Of Change Management Initiatives | Forrester Blogs

via I’m a big fan of what Forrester say and do. Increasingly I’m coming to realise that social media is closely allied to culture change – that is, people need to change their ways of thinking about communication, and they need to do it from the inside out. It’s pointless trying to get communications […]

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Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page | Social Media Examiner

via Everyone needs apps, and not just mobile developers. If you’ve moved beyond the basic Facebook offerings, or think you might be about to evolve, then you should be considering some of the extremely useful apps out there. One word of warning: when you use them, they can reap data from your account. But […]

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Time & Resources: Biggest Barriers In Social Media Today | Social Media Today

via This is not a surprise. The actual blog post, while written in the smallest imaginable typeface, is also pretty good, with the biggest barriers listed. Guess what the number one barrier is…? Posted via email from Brendan Cooper – your friendly social media-savvy freelance copywriter and social media consultant.

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Ranking top UK PR blogs using social network analysis | Much ado about nowt

via I’ve been playing around with NodeXL recently and found it quite an eye-opener. It’s a free social network analysis plug-in/add-on/strap-on/whatever for Excel and whereas I’ve known about social network analysis for a while, I’ve never really looked into it deeply. Tim Hoang was the ‘new Brendan’ at Porter Novelli and I’ve read this […]

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Brendan Cooper is a social media consultant and copywriter who has helped clients win business and awards for over 15 years.

Models for working with social media: what works, what sort of works, and what really doesn’t

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how best to work with clients. It strikes me that this is a process that should, at the end, have a client who knows about social media, and can talk about it and use it with confidence. This is important: clients can smell fear at a hundred paces, […]

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Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen | Video on

You’ve never seen data presented like this. With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, statistics guru Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called “developing world. via Sometimes I think TED is all about going ‘wow’ a lot with little real significance (as in: it’s easy to go ‘wow’ at someone moving pictures around […]

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Flanged bananas. Or: how to write a press release that works online too.

Do you write press releases? Do they work online? As in, can people find them? How do you know? Here are some ways to make your releases work as hard for you online as they do offline. Takeaways: Use keywords Make the title and first sentence look good online Write the release first, then the […]

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