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How to use Google Analytics to find the best time to send emails | Econsultancy

In my experience, the day of the week and hour of the day at which marketing emails are sent is often based on little more than the gut feeling of the email marketer and the performance of previous emails, rather than real data.  As someone who could put the anal in analytics, I think that’s […]

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Netvibes and me just don’t get along any more

I’ll be straight up: I like Netvibes. I’ve used it a lot in the past because I think it’s such a great solution to the problem of monitoring across the social mediascape. So it’s hurting me pretty badly now that it doesn’t work for me any more. That is, just me. As in, me personally. It’s […]

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Brendan Cooper is a social media consultant and copywriter who has helped clients win business and awards for over 15 years.

What do subscribe, like and follow have in common?

They’re all ways of linking, true. They’re all different words for linking on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Also true. But they all mean the same thing. And that thing is? “I find what you have to say interesting, and I’d like to know more.” This probably strikes you as blindingly obvious, but […]

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Brendan Cooper is a digital and social media strategist who helps clients win business, win awards and talk to people through digital and social media strategy. He has been helping people to communicate, online and offline, for over fifteen years.

Pressed for time? Cute tools that give immediate results

Last time around, I posted about not having enough time to blog. I’m trying to fix this by basically making time – but it seems a good point at which to list some tools that help you get ‘cool’ results with as little input as possible. By this, I mean tools that use your media […]

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