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Brendan Cooper is a digital and social media strategist who helps clients win business, win awards and talk to people through digital and social media strategy. He has been helping people to communicate, online and offline, for over fifteen years.

2011 social media predictions

So while I have my blogging head on – hot off the news that Delicious is disappearing and Facebook has undergone yet another redesign – I thought I’d jot down my thoughts on the state of the social media nation for the coming year. It’s not all good. Here we go… Confidence will go down […]

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Goodbye Delicious, hello… what?

So the news is out. Yahoo have screwed up. They’re closing Delicious. I don’t even need to include a link here – just go out and look for mentions of it right now and you’ll see the news. This is A Big Thing. It throws up all sorts of substantial issues, not least among which […]

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The Mandelson Method: mix facts and emotion

Anyone who saw the Peter Mandelson doc the other day on the BBC – endearingly entitled “Peter Mandelson: The Real PM” – will probably come away knowing very little about Lord Voldemort Mandelson the Man. One thing that stood out though: he seemed completely unflappable, even in the face of failure on the eve of […]

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