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Brad Little looks at the value of social media | Social Collective

All too often businesses are attending conferences like this and come away thinking they need to ‘do’ social media. Which to them means a Facebook page or Twitter profile. 6 months down the line they normally start asking where the ROI is. This is when they come to Brad and ask him to ‘measure’ social […]

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Complete Brand Marketing on Facebook | Involver

Free & Basic Applications RSS Feed Simply give us your RSS Feed and Involver syndicates your posts onto the News tab on your Facebook Page. Involver Pro users can syndicate these posts into status updates, along with other benefits. Twitter Use Twitter to communicate with followers AND Facebook fans. Involver Pro users get faster refresh […]

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How One Company Organizes its Corporate Blog – And Gets Every Employee Involved | Content Marketing Institute

via I just came across this. It’s a very nice, succinct list of things you should do that will help a corporate blog make it.

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Twitter is releasing a real time analytics solution in Q4 « Official Webtrends Company Blog

via I’m a big fan of analytics. I cannot get enough of them. This is why I’m also a big fan of Netvibes because it enables me to bring together feeds and analytics in one place. So I’m jumping up and down like an excited child at the prospect of Twitter producing a dashboard. […]

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social media – Topsy Experts

Check out this website I found at “When you search for something on Topsy, such as “spaceX“, it finds snippets of conversations that match what you’re looking for. Topsy results are the things people link to, when they’re talking about your search terms. Topsy ranks results based on how well they match your search […]

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Tippex and bears. Who’d have thought, eh?

The Tippex Bear YouTube channel is brilliant. I can’t remember how I came across it yesterday. I did notice something ‘strange’ about the YouTube page but thought it was just because it would be a custom-built page. When the guy reached out of the video, I nearly freaked. And then, the pièce de résistance, the […]

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Look, I just want to be paid please

Last month I was treeeeeemendously busy. This wasn’t just work work. It was admin work. That is, when you work a lot, you have to keep track of it. It took me about half a day to sort out the invoices alone, plus, given recent scares, chasing accounts departments for assurances that monies will be […]

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