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Social Media Spend to Double This Year

The spirit of social media is enlivening industries, refreshing marketing, and humanizing businesses. While the steps to the social revolution are gradual, so are the budgets that fund innovation. Progress is underway however, and with every experiment and pilot program, we learn the answers to the questions that serve as the gateways to change. Early […]

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Social Media in the UK 2010

via When I was forwarded this, at first I thought “Oh no, not another of those videos showing important social media because everyone is using it.” Which is how it starts off, with some dubious figures (for example, if one in four people writes a blog, how come I work in comms and I […]

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The Knowledge » A teens-eye view of social media

Undoubtedly the use of mobile phones and computers is essential to today’s teenager, for me, the use of my mobile phone is important, teenagers want to socialise every day and having a mobile phone allows you to do this, whether you’re on the internet or simply just text messaging. via I worked with TechDept […]

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Business Blog: separate domain or on your website @ Better Business Blogging

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to setting up a business blog, and certainly one which I have been asked on a number of occasions recently, is whether it is better to have a blog as part of your website or to set it up as a separate site on its […]

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Wikisperience – LinkedIn meets Wikipedia?

Wikisperience is dedicated to providing information about companies and organisations of all sizes. It was founded to serve the needs of businesses operating in, or aligned with, the global Internet, Communications and IT industries. Companies operating in other verticals are welcome to contribute information, but they will need to ensure their information and profiles clearly […]

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MediaPost Publications The Fine Balance Between Automation And Personalization In Social Media 07/27/2010

Surely, in the course of your social media work, you’ve experienced a certain moment of frustration. It may have been with a client or with your very own company, and, in your head, it would have sounded something like this: “Why aren’t we sharing all our YouTube videos on Facebook or on our website? via […]

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Social media training – learning through teaching

I’ve been delivering some training courses with the nice people at London’s Social Media Academy recently, as well as doing quite a lot of work helping with restructuring their courses, documentation management and marketing copywriting. It’s all good, but the training has been particularly illuminating. Across all groups and courses, what I’ve found are: People […]

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The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing | Rocket Watcher Product Marketing for Startups

via My favourite bit from this: “Sometimes I think it’s because smaller companies are afraid that storytelling will come across as unprofessional or they don’t think the it’s appropriate to tell them in anything other than a face to face meeting.” Dead right. I find this too. I want companies to start creating their […]

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Nathan @ e-gineer: Our Intranet, the Wiki: Case Study of a Wiki changing an Enterprise

The adoption of JCintra has been remarkable. After only 3 months, 111 people had contributed more than 5,000 changes. After 12 months, we had 18,000 contributions from 184 people within the business. Most significantly, our contributions per month has continued to grow since launch. People are engaging and collaborating more with time, they are not […]

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