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Danger words

When I was a young, naive strip of a lad, I thought everyone used the right words for the right reasons. How wrong I was. How very, very wrong. Today, gnarled and grizzled, I’m more aware of what people are really saying when words come out of their heads. And some of those words should […]

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links for 2010-06-18

Can PR survive competition from management consultancies? | A PR Guy's Musings: Stuart Bruce "Help businesses harness the full potential of social media intelligence and focus on measuring the impact social media has on businesses". I seem to have heard this many, many, many, many times. The simple truth is that a combination of content […]

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links for 2010-06-16

3 Ways to Tell If Your Corporate Blog Is Working | Twitter | ideaLaunch Nice, brief encapsulation here. (tags: blogging measurement)

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links for 2010-06-12

Social media marketing helps drive online retail sales – Marketing News | UTalkMarketing Does what it says on the tin (tags: utalkmarketing socialmedia retail sales)

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links for 2010-06-11

Twitter Acquires Smallthought Systems to Integrate Analytics Tools This might be huge – and bad news for the many alternative analytics sites. (tags: twitter monitoring analytics measurement metrics) Social Media for Sales | Webbiquity | B2B Marketing Blog This is one of those posts that seem at the same time incredibly basic but incredibly important […]

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links for 2010-06-10

renaissance chambara | Ged Carroll – Brands2Life brand hijack leads to search reputation issue Just goes to show – even if you don't really want to engage in social media, you should at least be staking your claim and monitoring. (tags: brands2life brandhijack)

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To craunch a marmoset, frothy vomit, and other curiosities

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes So I was going through Epoch PR‘s numbers (I’m their digital associate and am helping them with their online strategy), and this came up: To quote the bit that my Epoch PR search must have picked up: “it takes a straws of in good time always and hard hopped […]

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links for 2010-06-08

13 truths about social media measurement | Article | Homepage articles This is about as good as it gets when covering what measurement is – and is not. Read it. (tags: ragan ambernaslund measurement metrics socialmedia) Robin Hamman to head Edelman Digital in London Interesting news from the mothership. Not my mothership, I hasten to […]

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Guest Post: Steve Meleka of Noble Meleka on SEO

Preamble: Last week I posted my thoughts on SEO, after receiving a stream of great comments on Twitter that I thought were worth sharing. In turn, I’d posted because I was working on a project with a long-term colleague and friend, Steve Meleka. I worked with him at Imagination Technologies at the time we won […]

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