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Could crowdsourcing help pass the Turing Test?

I haven’t been blogging much recently. This is mainly because I haven’t been able to think about anything to blog about. But the other day something did pop into my head, so here goes… Could crowdsourcing help pass the Turing Test? The Turing Test is basically this: you have a person typing at two screens. […]

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links for 2009-11-28

5 Ways to Save Porter Novelli PR | David Henderson – consultant, author, journalist *Very* forthright opinions about my ex-employer! Why not pop over and see what I commented? Because I’m still not sure he’s being entirely fair about Porter Novelli specifically or ‘big PR’ generally… (tags: porternovelli davidehenderson)

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links for 2009-11-20

Social Media Case Studies | The Parallax View More great case studies to drool over. (tags: socialmedia parallaxview) How to use every social media tool in the box to engage employees I particularly like slide 14 in this preso – very neat summary showing where social media lies.

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The PR Friendly Index is no more

After a lot of dithering I’ve decided to shelve the PR Friendly Index. I learned a lot while putting it together, but I think it’s served its purpose now. I just noticed that it’s attracting a lot of attention today for some reason, and I don’t think it’s good to have something so out of […]

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links for 2009-11-14

A List of Social Media Marketing Examples (Being Peter Kim) Totally awesome page, perfect for referencing (tags: peterkim socialmedia examples)

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links for 2009-11-13

TweetLevel Interesting new tool from Edelman, developed by my mate Jonny Bentwood (whom I've never actually met but sort of know anyway). (tags: twitter, tweetlevel, edelman, jonnybentwood) AFP: New York teen proven innocent by Facebook A New York teenager narrowly avoided a 25-year jail term for armed robbery thanks to a Facebook status update he […]

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