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links for 2009-10-29

GlueText™.com Interesting approach to web aggregation which I haven't come across before. (tags: gluetext) Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What's the Difference? As ever, Mashable settles the debate. (tags: mashable facebook)

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links for 2009-10-28

HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI At first I thought "Yeah, been there" – but I haven't. This is great. (tags: mashable, roi, measurement)

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Meet Concorde the Tortoise

If you’ve been following my Twitterfeed recently, you’ll know I’ve welcomed the pattering of tiny feet into my home. Tiny, clawed, scaly feet. Four of them. And a nicely mottled carapace. And a beak. This is because my partner bought me a tortoise for my birthday. A tortoise! I’ve always wanted one, mainly because they […]

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Facebook? Facelift more like.

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why does Facebook keep changing? I recently had call to get back into Facebook for a new business pitch (post-edit: we won). I knew it had changed and needed to clue up on the differences. It was broadly similar but, well, different. And on looking back at […]

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Epoch’s Hothouse is hot!

I’m the digital associate at Epoch PR, until recently CMP Communications. It’s going great so far – we’ve won business together and they’re a lovely bunch of people with some brilliant ideas. But I didn’t realise how brilliant until I attended one of their Hothouse lunches recently. Hothouse is the name they give to their […]

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Just about wraps it up for the Jackenhacks

So the Jackenhacks came and went. I met lots of nice people, notably Giles from Realwire who lives just down the road from me, and who I bumped into at the train station. I met Melanie from Fake Plastic Noodles who was very lovely and chatty, the inimitable Wadds, Michael Litman (colleague of my ex-colleague […]

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Five top tips for flagging freelancers

Do you flag? I do sometimes. Here are some suggested fixes… Working freelance, you get to work from home. It’s nice. No commutes. No annoying people. Peace. Control. I work in an annexe – a fully functional, separate building from my house, complete with shower, toilet and storage space – so on a good day […]

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links for 2009-10-09

Lessons from Companies in the Social Media Trenches « Public Relations Rogue This is a great distillation of the latest findings. Read it. (tags: prrogue pr socialmedia studies)

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Do digital natives think the virtual world is flat?

Does Generation Y understand social media? Two interesting recent conversations: On asking a twentysomething about her take on Twitter: “Oh, it’s just for celebrities.” On discussing the results of a student exercise on marketing: “Of 10 groups, none of them mentioned social media.” It’s true that Gen Y are the ‘digital natives’. They’ve grown up […]

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