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Visualizing Trending Topics in Twitter | Brian Solis: Social Media Expert – PR 2.0 Always on the lookout for new ways to visualise – here's another one. (tags: socialmedia twitter microblogging)

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Bing vs Google

The following is cross-posted from Philip Westerman’s new blog about personal reputation management. De Leon Personal Reputation Management Ltd is involved in online personal reputation management (PRM). Unlike most reputation management companies on the Internet, we work almost entirely on promoting the positive – rather than taking the “defend your reputation” stance assumed by most […]

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Will I ever be able to update the PR Friendly Index again?

The PR Friendly Index has been good to me. I initially compiled it as an ongoing experiment to see how I could ‘measure’ blogs, especially en masse, especially using forms of automation that would make it as easy as possible. The ultimate goal was something along the lines of the Power150, except I had visions […]

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Well done badgerman!

A friend of mine has received recognition for his wildlife blog, Tales from The Wood – The Diary of a Badger Watching Man. It’s well deserved. The blog is very well written, giving unique and fresh insights into aspects of wildlife from a first-person perspective. ‘Badgerman’ – for that is his suitably anonymous online moniker […]

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From high ground to on-the-ground: is there a future for blogging?

I’m probably embarrassingly late in discovering this, but Steve Rubel has canned blogging. He’s now using Posterous – yet another social media cool tool for expressing yourself online – together with Twitter and Facebook, with the intention that each channel has its own use. For me, this is fairly seismic. Steve’s Micropersuasion blog regularly topped […]

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De Leon: online reputation management matters

I know it’s an old phrase – right now people are talking about you, your brands, your products etc etc blah blah. But what if they really are talking about you? I mean, you, the person reading this right now? More to the point, what if people are looking for information about you? To quote […]

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It’s hell, but necessary hell. How to keep track of freelancing projects.

Management. Administration. Bureaucracy. I hate it. But I have to do it. And actually, in a decidedly perverse way, Google Docs is helping me hate it a bit less every day. I once worked for a time as a designer. I quite liked being protected from the hard-nosed business of, well, business. Our sales team […]

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Words that make you go ‘Grrrrr’

The communications world never ceases to amaze me. The very people who put together amazing programmes for clients seem unable to do this for themselves. Perhaps this is why they get such a bad rap. The ‘PR is crap’ meme circulates the web every few months, as does the ‘Advertising is dead’ meme. Maybe they […]

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Bad instructions are worse than none

I work in an annexe – not, as some people suspect, a cave. This annexe has all mod cons. It has electricity, windows, a roof, even a toilet and shower. But it doesn’t have a telephone point, so my wireless network signal just about makes it through the several doors, walls and windows but is […]

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