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Freelancers have feelings too. Oh, and we need the money.

Being freelance is good. You get to have interesting conversations with people at the top of their game, often accompanied by coffee and nice biscuits. You walk away from the meeting feeling fresh, galvanised and optimistic. And so you should: you pitched for and landed another deal, and can look forward to another week or […]

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Humans do it better – but do they scale?

Today, two seemingly unrelated but actually very similar discoveries: socialmention is offering sentiment analysis among other metrics; and SpinVox uses people to transcribe messages. Humans as machines First, the second. SpinVox.They offer voice-to-text conversion which is something of a holy grail for computing, and given my past interest in AI, I found the proposition fascinating. […]

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Music to my ears (or rather, ear, since one of them’s deaf)

Isn’t it strange how things come around? About two days ago, after moving house (again – permanently, this time) I put my home studio back together again. It’s nothing to shout about, just a keyboard, mic and acoustic guitars plugged into a laptop, but I can honestly say I’m at my happiest sitting on the […]

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