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Praise be, my subscriptions have fallen

Running a blog about social media and PR is a piece of pie. Just start it up and make the right noises, eventually you wind up with several hundred subscribers. Same with Twitter. What is everyone talking about on Twitter? Mostly social media, it seems to me. So it’s with a sense of satisfaction that […]

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links for 2009-04-29

Three Steps That Guarantee Every Word of Your Copy Gets Read — Copyblogger Copyblogger is the Jeremiah Owyang of copywriting. Just do everything this blog says and you'll be fine. (tags: copyblogger) 50 Thoughful, Funny and Polemic Blogging Quotes What's wrong with a little giggle every now and then? (tags: quotes blogging humour dailyblogtips) Mark […]

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Everyone needs to think about what they’re doing and saying

I’ve just listened to a piece on the radio 4 Today programme about the swine flu rapidly spreading across continents. The speaker is a professor with a kindly, reassuring delivery. He sounds like my local postman. But he’s just coined the phrase ‘Armageddon virus’ while considering the impact a combination of swine flu and the […]

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Unfortunately, you can’t chat with me now

There’s a link to the left of this page – or at least, there is at the time of writing – saying “Chat with me now.” It’s a good link. It fires up the Google Chat thingy which means I can have a good, live chat with anyone, providing I’m online. Problem is, it stopped […]

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Words are ideas too

Over the past few weeks since going freelance I’ve noticed the value clients place on ideas. As a copywriter there’s a temptation to think that your writing is the end product. It is, but that all starts with ideas. You can’t just sit down with a client and start penning words, but you can sit […]

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I probably definitely should… ah sod it.

Over the past year or so I’ve noticed that people have tended to react to me as a social media type in one of two distinct ways. One is the school of thought which thinks that, because I run a blog and have worked in social media, they know nothing about it and I know […]

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links for 2009-04-19

Video: The fastest PC you may ever see | The Industry Standard Sometimes I do just go 'wow' when I see things like this. I can't help it. (tags: technology thestandard)

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links for 2009-04-15

Just as Difficult as it Seems | I'm glad someone else thinks so too. (tags: chrisbrogan)

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A rebrand can be a crisis – or an opportunity

Sometimes the value of the network becomes most apparent, when you most need it. Last week, I announced my freelance copywriting status. It was a big step for me. But before I’d done anything ‘formally’, I updated my LinkedIn. Within half an hour I had three queries, one of which has turned out to be […]

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