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links for 2009-01-30

First UK use of Twitter on live TV? — Twitter is everywhere. I’m getting more and more emails from friends and associates, asking me what it is and how to use it, particularly since the new year. Seems everyone has put it on their ‘To Do’ list! (tags: forblog twitter microblogging nevillehobson pr) PR […]

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links for 2009-01-29

What Are the Top Performing Brands on Facebook? Always worth keeping an eye on the latest ways to 'measure' Facebook. (tags: forblog socialnetworking facebook adamostrow) Wadds' tech pr blog: Hardcore users unsettled as Twitter emerges as celeb PR tactic Wadds and Jopkins both get it right. Twitter is coming to the fore – not least […]

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2009 is just a number

When the New Year came around, everyone pitched in with their predictions of what the future holds. Unfortunately, not having broadband throughout this period, I hardly had time to add my thoughts. So, belatedly, and in no particular order, here’s what I think: Twitter will become more mainstream. I’m probably late in saying this, but […]

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Online at last. Praise be.

Normally I try to write illuminating posts about the state of social media, but recently this MO has changed because: 1. Since moving house I’ve been struggling with Virgin Media and then BT to get my line sorted. It turned out to be five – yes, five – separate but inter-related issues with my line […]

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links for 2009-01-23

40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them More lists. Lists lists lists lists lists. (tags: forblog twitter microblogging)

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links for 2009-01-22

Welcome to the White House Yes We Can Haz – The Whitehouse has a blog. (tags: forblog blogging blog obama barack website whitehouse white-house white_house) 9 Ways Twitter Can Help in the Real World I like point 8 particularly. Watch this space – I'll be blogging about this very soon. (tags: forblog twitter socialnetworking microblogging […]

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links for 2009-01-17

Twitter Power 150 It's a list, but I'm not on it. Bum. (tags: forblog twitter power150) Micro Persuasion: IceRocket Live Web Search Rolls Up Twitter, Blogs, News and More Always on the lookout for new search features, espesh if they offer some sort of RSS/metric capability. (tags: forblog steverubel micropersuasion icerocket) YouTube – Microsoft Songsmith […]

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links for 2009-01-16

Why do people use Twitter? / we are social I'm starting to like what wearesocial have to say. (tags: forblog twitter microblogging wearesocial) Micro Persuasion: With Google Killing Products, Is Reader Next? OK, this is scary. Without me, my Google Reader is nothing. Without my Google Reader, I am nothing. (tags: forblog rss steverubel micropersuasion […]

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Virgin Media and BT both be damned

Still, I have no broadband – and since reading Sally Whittle’s recent post of BT-related woes, I’ve taken the cruel and unusual step of blogging about it. Something must be said. POST EDIT: This story has a (fairly) happy ending. I didn’t go back to Virgin Media in the end but I did manage to […]

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