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The Flackenhacks: darn it, I didn’t win.

So, this is the first blog post about the Flackenhacks 2008. I would love to have won the ‘Wank 2.0: User-generated twat’ award but sadly had to give way to Richard Bailey who wasn’t present to collect his. I had my speech ready and everything (can’t repeat it here – remember what happened to Russell […]

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The Greatest Viral Ever – and other assorted examples

What makes a great viral? Firstly, let’s be clear: viral is an effect. I’ve been asked to ‘do something viral’ in the past, and in explaining this I’ve had to say that really, anything and everything we do should be viral. That is, it should be a powerful enough message that impels sufficient people to […]

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Holy Roman Empire Batman! It’s the Flackenhacks! Call the cops!

There is an event of unprecented importance coming our way. It is certainly of national significance, global even, and could quite possibly change your life forever. The credit crunch pales by comparison. None of this applies to the Flackenhacks however, which is just an excuse for a rag-tag assortment of miscreants from the seedy worlds of […]

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Audio here, there, but not quite everywhere

I’m a big fan of online streaming audio. I loved Pandora before it became US-only. I quite like Last.FM. Musicovery has a lovely approach in its interface and mood-based approach. Now – at last – we have Spotify, and another great utility I came across this week, Simplify Media. I’ve covered Spotify before. I saw […]

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Hello Communications Director!

About a month ago I was contacted for some details about this blog because it might feature in Communications Director. And today – it’s in! Thanks to an eagle-eyed client spotting it this morning and scanning it for me. I don’t think you can access it online but if anyone can point me in the […]

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Top tip: put your keywords in your title

PR is most definitely a keyword. If you work in it, you should mention it. I’ve come across Matthew Watson’s list of PR Blogs before. It’s another approach to ‘measuring’ blogs, by simply peeling out those from the Ad Age Power150 which mention the word ‘PR’ in the title. You could argue that it’s a […]

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My birthday, and me

So, as of tomorrow, I will no longer be thirtysomething. It’s the big four-zero with, I think, the accent on the zero.* As every blogger knows, events are good things to hang blog posts off (or ‘off of’ if you’re American – although, as an ex-copywriter, I really shouldn’t end any sentence with a preposition, […]

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Yahoo Pipes: you’ve got to go there to come back

If anyone’s been following my Twitter feed recently they’ll know that I’ve been getting to grips with Yahoo Pipes. I think it’s an amazing tool and offers the tantalising possibility of creating a wholly modular monitoring system, effectively through programming-like routines which, through a neat graphical interface, largely remove the need for knowing how to […]

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Busy busy busy

So, I haven’t posted for ages. This is mainly because I’ve been so busy at Fleishman-Hillard, I really have had very little time for posting. This is obviously a good thing – certainly better than not having enough business coming in – but something always has to ‘give’, and in my case, it’s been the […]

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