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What do we keep private?

source » Given our ability to join everything up and share it, sooner or later we have to make the decision about what exactly we want to share – before we inadvertently share it. Case in point: I’m currently looking for a house, and I’m employing RSS in all its glory to help me do […]

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Welcome a new blogger to the blogosphere

source » Visit to get the inside track on Word-of-mouth marketing. This is a new blog in the firmament by a colleague of mine. I’m hoping he’ll help me move away from the linkblog darkside, which I appear to have been doing lately. OK, so he hasn’t actually posted anything yet but there’s no […]

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links for 2008-06-27

Brand vs. product: what really drives reputation? – Good, no-nonsense advice about good, no-nonsense marketing (tags: branding marketing internetmarketing mariansalzman) Dailymotion useage policy I like DailyMotion’s terms of use – it’s almost a universal set of bullet points for an online code of conduct, no matter what the media. NO VIOLENCE, NO RACISM, RESPECT […]

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links for 2008-06-26

Solve PR nightmares by winning an award from your own company (The Foreman) Maybe we should all invent our own awards and award them to ourselves? (tags: awards) e-Government: Web 2.0 techniques are a key tool to improve customer service The advent of Web 2.0 technologies provides organisations with the ability to radically change how […]

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links for 2008-06-25

13 posts tagged “glastonbury” – Whatleydude’s Blog on Vox Whatleydude’s ingenuity knows no bounds – here’s his Glastoblog! (tags: whatleydude spinvox)

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Summer Solstice 2008: from the Ridgeway to Avebury

I know this is supposed to be a blog about all things PR and social media but what the hey, surely I can post the occasional personal piece. And the subject matter is kind of social media… I got back from the summer solstice at Avebury last Saturday. I’ve been going to Avebury for the […]

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links for 2008-06-18

Measuring PR success by column inches is old hat – welcome to a new analysis – Media, News – The Independent Commonsense from Metrica, writ large in the Independent. (tags: analytics metrics pr)

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Searching for property in a forgotten land

source » If one definition of Web 2.0 is the ready integration of data across different sources, well, property searches and it seems the entire property industry have some way to go. I’ve decided I’ve had enough of London. Actually, that’s not entirely true – I quite like my leafy North London enclave, but if […]

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links for 2008-06-14

The-Digital-Influence-Index-2008.pdf (application/pdf Object) Very interesting study. I went to the presentation and it sparked off some lively debate (the study, that is, not my attending it). Well worth looking at. (tags: marketing pr socialmedia statistics trends)

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