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links for 2008-01-26

datuk’s ramblings » Social Bookmarking for Traffic “Digg and offer the absolute best type of web traffic viral traffic.” If you can plough throught the weird character sets in this item you’ll end up knowing much more about how, and why, shared bookmark works so well. (tags: digg bookmarking socialmedia pneo001)

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links for 2008-01-25

AppleInsider | Former staffer: Apple currently averse to social apps, blogs I find it surprising that a company with such a forward-looking image should apparently be behind the times in its cultural attitudes toward social media. (tags: Apple PR Blogs culture workplace pneo001 socialmedia blogging) Sony Electronics Blog » Blog Archive » Sony and Apple: […]

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Pandora: my heart hurts

I’ve been pretty disparaging about Pandora’s business acumen in the past (twice). I love the service because it’s just so quick and easy to ‘get’ and I was intrigued by the Music Genome Project.  Or, should I say, ‘loved’ – because, being non-American, I can’t use it anymore. If you’re resident outside the US you probably […]

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Video beats text hands down (Look ma, no hands!)

Three days ago (so my account tells me – and boy, do I find typing tedious with all those fullstops) I bookmarked a beautiful example of trigger-response: the article by Tom Hodgkinson in the Guardian lambasting Facebook and all that he thinks it stands for; and Shel Holz’s video response on seesmic (better with […]

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links for 2008-01-23

Marketing Ideas for Online Grocery Delivery Service “As usual, the Twitter community was quick to respond.” I have never, ever seen Twitter leap into action like this. I must still be doing something wrong? (tags: twitter microblogging marketing ideas pneo001) The MacBook Air is the Biggest Test Yet for Cloud Computing Given that increased mobility […]

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links for 2008-01-22

Agency A-List: Edelman – Advertising Age – Print Edition Whatever anyone may say about Edelman, one man’s snafu is another’s courageous mistake. (tags: edelman pr pneo001 china walmart) Playing tag | Given that people are increasingly mobile and keen to interact through social media, perhaps this is the future of social interaction? Real conversations […]

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Chinese burns and deadlegs: There’s bullying in the blogosphere

Consensus is that social media is on the verge of ‘tipping’ this year coming, so as we go through the generations it makes sense that we see comments from ‘experienced’ PR bloggers criticising ‘new’ PR bloggers. I’ve seen it happen before. Jennifer Mattern on NakedPR really doesn’t like the so-called PR Blog Party. She thinks […]

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The Friendly Chat: Heather Yaxley, Greenbanana

This is the first of the ‘Friendly Chat’ series in which I’ll be interviewing bloggers I read on a regular basis, most of whom you’ll find in the PR Friendly Index. They’ve very kindly given me some of their time to talk about how social media generally, and blogging in particular, affect their personal and […]

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links for 2008-01-21

PR Squared: A Bad Week for Brands in the Blogosphere Very nice summing up of how brands can fair badly in the blogosphere. (tags: pneo001 prsquared) Welcome to Facebook – all hope abandon ye who enter here Does nobody like Facebook any more? Given that nobody ever really seemed to like Twitter either, 2008 could […]

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