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Strumpette forum is full of chit but not much chat

So yesterday I can’t help but admit I was drawn into Strumpette’s most recent open letter. I can’t deny I was personally offended by not being one of the people it (they? she? he?) wanted to offend, but that’s life.So I found a forum there, and signed up. Next thing I know: 213 Posts in 43 […]

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Play your company’s radio station – on a radio

Personalised media is great. Pandora, Last.FM, Matchmine, even YouTube, are essentially your own radio stations. But you can go further than that, and actually create radio stations with friends and then beam them to a stereo. Your very own radio station on your very own radio. How cool is that?  I like Pandora. Why? Because, despite its […]

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Quite simply, some charts that may be of interest. For example, note how Apple is about to supplant Microsoft in search volume; that PR may be peeling upwards away from advertising; the relative fortunes of bebo, Facebook and Twitter; social media is on the up and up; and, especially heartwarming for me, Star Wars is, […]

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Fear leads to suffering. So why suffer?

Today, two podcasts: Tech PR War Stories, and FIR. They both offer insights into why companies are slow to take up social media, particularly blogging, and while they differ slightly, they’re broadly the same. It’s all about fear, you see. Tech PR War Stories is a good, useful, credible podcast and I always learn something […]

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Quick n’dirty blog analysis

So, you’ve been asked to provide a list of, say, between ten and 20 blogs for a given topic. You have absolutely no idea what the blogosphere is like for that topic and the client’s calling you in an hour for results. Do this: Go to and type in your topic terms. Note the top few […]

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One and one makes three

What is an idea? It’s an interesting point of discussion. Sometimes you have to work at them, usually when you’ve got a problem and need to find a way around it. Other times they just pop into your head and they seem so innovative and yet somehow so obvious you’ve got to tell people about […]

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Oh no, not again

  There will no doubt be many views expressed over the next few days, weeks and even months about the Revenue and Customs’ loss of 25 million people’s financial details on two disks. It is, of course, appalling. I’m appalled. You can see the whole sorry tale unfold on the BBC website, particularly on Nick […]

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If social networking influences PR, the revenues will show it

And, according to Sir Martin Sorrell,  head of advertising group WPP, they already do. He says that revenues from PR are growing strongly and… “… the reasoning behind it is to do with social networking and the web… Social networking is really recommendation between people about the things that they are interested in and they like… this has stimulated people’s […]

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The Social Media Resource gives you – and everyone else – an advantage.

I’ve been thinking about my Social Media Resource recently. I’ve been updating it with case studies provided by the Great Kami Huyse, but I’m aware – quite painfully so – that it’s brief. It just lists PR activity compared to resource, with little else. So, we could go deeper and broader, with full-on case studies, […]

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