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The Flackenhack video

OK, so I know I’m taking a blogging sabbatical but I’ve been asked to put this up: Enjoy. I’m not in it.

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This may be an ex-blog

In case noone’s noticed, I haven’t posted for nigh on three weeks now. I’m not sure why this is – I just seem to have stopped. I started the blog around last Christmas as part of a ‘Things I Must Learn About’ list, which also included stuff like RSS, aggregators, wikis and the like. Since […]

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And if you thought the ‘Exploding Colour’ Sony Bravia ad was cool…

… check this out (first seen over the weekend): Here’s some background to it: “A team of 40 animators spent three weeks choreographing the models to create the 100,000 still images required to produce the 60-second ad.” Yes, that really is clay-mation. It’s by Fallon, they of the other Sony Bravia ads, Cake Skoda and […]

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Not going to the Flackenhacks

It’s been a while since I last posted – the longest hiatus bar holidays in fact. This is quite simply because I haven’t been able to think of anything interesting to say. Or it could be a worrying sign that I’ve learned all I needed to learn from blogging. My blogging is flagging. My posting […]

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A double-decker bus is this big

A perennial problem in copywriting is trying to convey sizes, lengths or weights. So something is 348 metres long. Great. Try making it real in the reader’s mind. How about we say it’s the equivalent of nearly 42 double decker buses? The marvellous chrico Double Decker Bus Calculator is your key to unlocking this particular problem. Simply […]

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Sieving through the mud to find gold

It’s easy to overlook the search terms people use to find your blog. But instead of discarding the ‘weird’ entries, take another look: you might pick up on an emerging trend.  Often, when looking through the search engine terms that have been used to find this blog, I’m confused. Why are so many people looking for information […]

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Marion Jones: Prophylactic PR

So Marion Jones is using the same platform she achieved by cheating, to admit to cheating. In so doing, is she just making it harder for the rest of us to apologise? Or is there just not enough money in it for ordinary folk? On watching the widely publicised video of her ‘confession’ I must […]

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How long can Pandora continue to get it wrong?

On’s blog as at 4 October 2007: Dear Global Pandorans – It’s been a few (painful) months since we had to begin blocking listeners outside the US. Many of you have been writing in for updates, so we thought it would be useful to post the latest news. Sorry for not having done so sooner. […]

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Infamy! Infamy! Hobson and Holtz…

… have got it in for me! Check out the latest FIR podcast. Yup, that’s me at the end. Your very own FG with its very own music. Many thanks to Neville and Shel for mentioning me in their podcast, and I’m glad Neville appreciated the email I sent him. Actually, I just realised, Neville […]

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