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Why is my six-year-old PC faster than my work laptop?

About six years ago I built my own PC. To this day it outstrips any work machine I’ve ever had. Why is this? The PC is nothing extraordinary. It’s built around an AMD XP2100 processor on an Asus A7S333 mobo, with 750MB of Crucial RAM, running Windows 2000. When I put it together it was screamingly […]

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An Englishman, Scotsman, Irishman and Welshman get into a French car…

… and a Peugeot advertising exec says: Bugger. If the Rugby World Cup pans out according to form, none of those nations will progress to the semis. Perhaps Peugeot should have considered including a Kiwi or a Springbok in its advertising just to spread that bet: Apologies to any readers who actually thought there was going to be a […]

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For the first time ever people think ‘Apple’ more than ‘Microsoft’

For the first time ever, in the UK, people are seeking more information about Apple than Microsoft, and it looks like the world is about to follow. A couple of weeks back I posted my findings after playing around with Google Trends. One of these was, to me, astonishing: when plotting Apple vs Microsoft, the Google Trends chart search […]

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The Power150 is knackered

Has anyone else noticed this? All the Technorati figures are at ’1′ as at midnight on 28 September. I noticed this several hours ago. I assumed it would be fixed. It isn’t. If you’re going to put yourself – and, now it’s been adopted by Ad Age, your brand – on the line then for heaven’s […]

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Creativity is more creative with limits

I’ve been involved with several brainstorming sessions recently. I’m not convinced they work, because people’s brains are too big. The idea is that everyone can say anything, and that by doing so, we give the session handler lots of ideas to sift through. But I think people find this intimidating. They go blank. They get […]

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Tech PR Copywriting: The whole of feedback can be greater than the sum of its parts

Today, copywriting, and the lot of a copywriter when presented with negative feedback. It’s not often you get a piece totally right first time. You can be as thorough as possible with the copy brief, but you’ll find from time to time that people prefer to see a written piece before they really start to […]

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Putting the tech into tech PR

Do you have to know about tech to do tech PR? I’m hoping not, because hardly anyone seems to know hardly anything. My background is fairly techy I guess. I had a ZX81, and a ZX Spectrum. I did a degree in IT. I’ve been a programmer at a large bank (lasted about six months), […]

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Stephen Fry: Tech blogger?!?!?!?!?

First there was the Salmon of Doubt. Now, Stephen Fry has totally come out as a tech blogger (although you might not be able to see this because his site is currently down, presumably as a result of traffic). At first, I did not believe this was a real blog. The mere idea of Stephen Fry […]

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The Ogilvy Blog Aggregator: Pipes across the world

I was scratching around for something interesting to say when I noticed, in my Google Docs ‘Blog ideas’ document, a passing mention of an interesting Yahoo Pipe I’d seen some time ago. So, I took a closer look – and, in the process, found the guy who’d created it. It’s called the Ogilvy Blog Aggregator and you can see […]

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