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Diana: no wonder people are confused

I work close enough to Kensington Palace Gardens to walk around them occasionally at lunchtime. It’s a post-prandial palliative for the pressured world of PR. Today, however, it was quite surreal, more so than usual (it gets surreal occasionally when you are dive-bombed by Canada geese or see terrapins floating around in the pond). Today, it was […]

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New media maven seeks PR influencer

  I had a sudden revelation in the pub last night (see above). It must have been the Staropramen, a nice yeasty brew, feisty from the draught (see below). It occurred to me that, being perceived as ‘quite tecchie’ within my agency, I’m the last person who should be trying to introduce people to new […]

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It’s all about the data, stupid: wins, Pandora loses

Today I read in the Guardian about Last.FM being adopted by Music Week to provide the publication’s first online-based chart. As the piece astutely says: “it’s the data generated by the site’s 20 million enthusiasts that is priceless.” I’m typing this while listening to Pandora, the alternative to which I found out about through Seamus McCauley […]

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The Friendly Ghost PowerPR Index for August 2007

With explanations below: 1 .  Micro Persuasion 10 10 10 10 7 10 10 10 77 2 .  Center for Media and Democracy 10 10 10 10 7 10 10 10 77 3 .  Online Marketing Blog 10 10 10 10 6 10 10 10 76 4 .  a shel of my former self 10 […]

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Housekeeping: three PR blog moves

We recently had three movers in the FG Blogroll. Given that this might affect their positions in the Power150 and PowerPR index (yes, I’m still working on it), here are the changes: IndiaPRBlog has moved from to This blog consistently comes up with good, useful information and comment, proving that PR lessons can be […]

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Similpedia: providing related Wikipedia content

Similpedia is a nice idea. It takes a web page or paragraph of text and cross-references key words in it to Wikipedia entries. In this way you can look up terms or follow the Similpedia suggestions for ‘related content.’ Check out their demo page and you’ll see what they can do. They provide scripts and […]

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Enhancements to the Power150

The Power150 is here to stay, like it or not. So, while it’s still all lovely and fresh and new, here are some enhancements I’d like to see on it: A script for including your position in the list on your blog. I currently update mine to the left of this blog manually, but an […]

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Web 2.0, to Web 3.0, to Yahoo Pipes, to Pandora, and back to Life 1.0

This weekend I managed to set aside some space to look into three areas in more depth: Web 2.0/3.0, Yahoo Pipes, and Pandora. It should come as no surprise that all three are linked and provide massive, oooh-hate-that-word-but-must-use-it, leverage (yuk) for PR. First, the web. My feeds have thrown up several interesting posts over the past week, […]

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Have you ever done a Ratner?

I just posted about ghost-blogging and looked up Gerald Ratner as a warning for all those agencies considering giving their clients blogs. Ratner became infamous in the UK when he described his own company’s jewellery produce as ‘total crap’. The result: half a billion pounds wiped off the company valuation and he was kicked out […]

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