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(Another) new social media metric?

Hot on the heels of Advertising Age’s adoption of the Power150 and Edelman’s Social Media Index, Judy Gombita of PR Conversations has very kindly forwarded me an extremely interesting article about (yet another) New Way To Standardize The Podosphere*: The newly formed Association for Downloadable Media, based in San Francisco, is setting out to standardize* audience […]

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A mischief of mice, a kindle of kittens and an egoplex of bloggers.

Today, collective nouns. There was an interesting debate recently at work. An article was circulated about ‘The Cat of Death‘, featuring a cat called Oscar that apparently has remarkable powers of telepathy: when he curls up near someone at a nursing home, they inevitably curl up and die hours later. I quote: Dr. Joan Teno of […]

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Youch. Things to do with social media when your ear hurts.

I’ve got bad earache in one ear. Unfortunately I’ve been deaf in the other one since the age of five. The doctor’s quite worried and therefore, so am I. So it’s lots of antiobiotics for me and a possible emergency visit to the Ear Nose and Froat hospital tomorrow. Meanwhile I took the opportunity, while […]

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What is Twitter for? Part II

I had some really interesting feedback to my recent Twitter post, and in my PR feed comes more today. My take on Twitter was that 140 characters really isn’t enough to get across any meaningful message. However, JargonMaster is using it as a ‘taster’ for more content. This is like using Twitter as a portal to the […]

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Good writing uses good arguments

Today I gave feedback on an article written by a company director which apparently the clients loved. However, the account manager wasn’t sure and passed it my way. Good job too. It was dreadful. It was a stark illustration of why the world needs copywriters. I’m sure the person who wrote it knew what they were […]

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The Power150 goes from strength to strength

Todd Andrlik’s Power150 ranking of top marketing blogs is joining forces with Advertising Age, the world’s leading marketing and media publication. It looks like his metrics will be used as the editorial benchmark when referencing bloggers in print and online (quite literally looks like it – that’s what the pullquote graphic says). Todd’s inspired a […]

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PR, and my feet

I’ve been away to a music festival in Wales – called Sheep Music – for the past three days.  The day before that, we had our office party. So, I’m a bit tired and emotional today. I had an interesting conversation with our legal counsel at the party. Turns out when he started, he didn’t […]

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What is Twitter for, exactly?

I was discussing Twitter with a colleague the other day and we came to the conclusion that really, we don’t know what it’s for. Neither do a lot of other people. Even The Guardian is perplexed. It mentions that futurist Warren Ellis uses Twitter. Well, that’s just great for him, but with things moving so fast […]

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Are PR bloggers declining or rising?

The World’s Leading has posted an excellent piece of research on the apparently declining frequency of UK PR blogging. It fair caught my eye, not least because of the title (“UK PR bloggers giving up the ghost..?”) given the name of this blog. He’s had a hunch that the frequency of blogging overall has been […]

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