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No posts for a while

Friendly Ghost is on holiday, returning 5th July, so there won’t be any posts here for a while – unless I get withdrawal.

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The Friendly Ghost PowerPR Index for June 2007

Results below, details below results: 1 .  Micro Persuasion 10 10 10 10 7 10 10 10 77 2 .  Online Marketing Blog 10 10 10 10 6 9 9 10 74 3 .  Center for Media and Democracy 9 9 9 10 7 10 7 9 70 4 . 7 9 9 8 […]

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Dark matter hits

Friendly Ghost has just passed the 5,000 mark! That is, this blog has been viewed more than 5,000 times in total. Now, I know this is pitiful – pitiful – compared to most blogs out there. And I know that some of the hits are a bit bogus – for example some people come here looking […]

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Blatant toadying

I don’t think I’ve blatantly just pointed my readers to another posting before but I have to draw the attention of all 3 of them to this great piece on – the 7 traits of a good copywriter. It’s all there – and the blogger, Miguel Alvarez, is on the ball because there was a typo […]

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Add this to your media training – now

What is a website? Lots of things to lots of people but if you’re an interviewee it’s the best way to pre-arm yourself before an interview. This morning, on Today on Radio 4 – yes, I listen to it lots – I overheard an interview between the rottweiler of a man John Humphrys and, it […]

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Three superb videos on influence

A colleague of mine directed me towards this superb series of videos the other day – actually,  it was just the one video but a whole series seems to be developing. They are small but perfectly formed 2/3 minute presentations given by the large and perfectly formed Ted Smith, a research fellow at CNET Networks […]

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Copywriters aren’t telepaths

Why is it that PR people still expect copywriters to write their press releases for them? I don’t have a big problem with it generally but sometimes you just know the account manager is being plain old lazy. No matter how quick you are at getting up to speed or how insightful or well-trained you are, […]

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What was that about logos again?

This morning, on Today – yes, I listen to it a lot on the way into work – I heard an interview with some fool who was associated with the London Olympics logo, discussing the possible change to the Barclays ‘eagle’ logo if it were bought out by Dutch Bank ABN AMRO on account of […]

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The Friendly Ghost PowerPR Index: So, what happened?

Very quickly, a follow up to the reactions to this. Firstly, quite a few people seemed to find it interesting. However, another quite a few people found it irritating. On the whole this seemed to be from people who didn’t appear on the list. For example Heather Yaxley thinks it’s all a bit crap really […]

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