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Sometimes it’s better just to laugh

Today, no clever postings about the finer points of grammar or etymology. No long ramblings about RSS feeds. Today, just two vaguely copywritery, bloggy-related items that made me laugh: From my copywriting feed, the word of the day is chortle: to utter, or express with, a snorting, exultant laugh or chuckle. What a fantastic, […]

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Why does everyone hate PR? Even PR people?

Today my twitching, flinching eye lands on no fewer than three items in my PR feed which slate PR people: Public Relations Rogue laments that ‘far too many PR professionals are woefully ignorant of emerging techonology and trends that impact communication’ His posting is based on another one in the feed, by Dave McLure, in which […]

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I think… I think my blog has a USP

I’ve just been surfing some of the links to the right of my blog, and it occurs to me that I haven’t yet come across another blog that does what I do – namely, that carries its own syndicated feeds and becomes a kind of ‘news centre’ for four specific areas – PR, journalism, copywriting and tech. […]

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Affect vs effect

I’m often asked about the difference between these two words. When I go into a great speech about their real difference – ‘effect’ is a noun, ‘affect’ is a verb – I tend to get blank looks back. So I explain that something affects something else to produce an effect. Still nothing. Even I if go back […]

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The Doc Martens fiasco: crisis mismanagement

Over at PR Disasters Gerry McCusker gives an account of Saatchi and Saatchi’s sacking over a tasteless ad campaign featuring famous dead people wearing Doc Martens boots, the idea of the campaign being that, unlike their wearers, they’re ‘made to last’. The agency’s reaction is none too clever either: Creative Director Kate Stanners says the ads […]

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I’m 23.3 minutes ahead of you

A few weeks ago I decided to try out Google Web Accelerator on my 4MB broadband connection and it seems I have saved 23.3 minutes of time so far by using it. Does this mean I am now 23.3 minutes into the future? Or does this mean I have 23.3 minutes to spend on something more profitable. […]

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Are you a bot?

Add to New PR • Save to • Digg This! Google seems to have finally decided that people are also bots: check out this post, in which it’s claimed that searching for a description of a Spam Assassin rule yielded the above response. It’s doing the rounds at digg right now. I just posted about this […]

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How influential is your blog?

The topic of blog influence has been occupying my mind recently. This is possibly the longest post in blog history. If you’re feeling fit and aggressive then do a few star jumps and shadow boxing, and dive into it. If, like me, you’re pale and wan and prone to fainting, then just have a look […]

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On violence (random)

Add to New PR • Save to • Digg This! So, I posted about being assaulted the other night. Here are the details. I’m posting this for no other reason than it makes me feel better, and I’m hoping it will help other people feel better if they read this and something similar has […]

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