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Blowing off and stamping

Add to New PR • Save to • Digg This! • Technorati So today I find a mini-brochure from fairly upmarket interior retailer Habitat lying around. It looks quite nice – more to the point it smells quite nice (if you’re like me you’ll love the smell of well-printed and produced documentation) – but the first […]

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Great speeches change the world

Add to New PR • Save to • Digg This! • Technorati Is speechwriting the same as copywriting? The former is intended to be spoken – performed even - while the latter is usually just for digesting inwardly, and yet they must share common goals such as evoking interest, stimulating thought and hopefully triggering reaction. Great speeches do […]

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New media causes asymmetric PR

Add to New PR • Save to • Digg This! • Technorati Do you remember the term ‘asymmetric war’? It’s been around a while but entered our popular lexicon when describing the capabilities of insurgents to resist the efforts of the West in its ‘War on Terror’. In so doing it encapsulates how a militarily disadvantaged yet widespread […]

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Justin.TV – Online all the time.

Add to New PR • Save to • Digg This! • Technorati Many years ago I thought how cool it would be if you were to go out with some friends each with a camera strapped to our heads, record an afternoon then to play it back on a split-screen. You’d see what each person […]

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Blueprint for a *really* intelligent search engine

Today I was searching for specific news on a very specific topic,  based on one web page I’d found. I was having difficulty getting results because they seemed to rely on combinations of words that I just couldn’t nail down. Each combination just wasn’t returning the right hits. Clearly Google’s referral system couldn’t hack it, for […]

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Maven, guru, matrix, mesh, net, slash. We need better words.

Why are geeky words either obscurely spiritual to describe people, or outwardly aggressive to describe tech? From my copywriting feed (feel free to subscribe, to the right of this page, scroll down a bit, there you are) comes an article on ‘Life’s a pitch say advertising mavens‘. Maven. Hmmm, maven. Swill that around a bit, sniff its […]

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Click, double-click, ALT, TAB, ENTER. What makes a good interface?

Despite not working in the field anymore I do keep seeing interface design issues popping up recently. In my copywriting feed – feel free to subscribe to it on the right-hand side of this blog, it takes lots and lots and lots of copywriting feeds and syndicates them out – comes a piece on the […]

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You’d avoid using Lotus Notes if you were me – Part II

Add to New PR • Save to • Digg This! • Technorati Not so long ago, with my interface/application designer’s hat on (yes, I designed the interface and wrote the documentation for this), I posted a whinge about Lotus Notes. Thomas Adrian was kind enough to comment, and I can understand that he was displeased because from […]

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Five ways not to treat copywriters.

In a world of dynamite PR movers and shakers it’s often painfully obvious that no one really knows what to do with copywriters. So we have to educate and inform, often while we’re finding out what’s going on ourselves. I see a lot of advice on how to work with them but very little on […]

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